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Information Disclaimer: This is an unofficial collection of European road sign conventions and rules.Whereas every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, there may be errors and omissions.The entire risk as to results and performance of the information rests with its user.

Prohibitory Signs - halting and parking,
also:  Special Notes on City Parking

The distance over which a sign applies may be indicated by Zusatzzeichen, a supplementary sign affixed below the traffic sign where the condition begins, such as . Such a condition may be the prohibition of stopping in the traffic lane, which is indicated by the sign .

Zusatzzeichen, a supplement to the sign below which it is affixed, are used frequently. If only a distance (x    m) is shown, the parent's condition occurs x   m down the road. Also text pertinent to the parent signal may be displayed on the Zusatzzeichen See our pertinent,vocabulary, Also, see the safety related examples.

Special Notes on City Parking

Parkplatz (Parking)

The sign for parking allowed: .  Look for additional signs that may be mounted on the post and may be restrictive, allowing only residents to park with permit (Parkausweis, permis de stationner, carnet de aparcar), handicapped persons (Behinderte, handicapés, minusválidos), or require a parking device (Parkscheinautomat, distributeur de billets de stationnement) to be operated following the instructions on the device.

The additional sign "Nur mit Parkschein" is reference to such a machine (Parkscheinautomat, distributeur de billets de stationnement) for mandatory use. Go find and operate it!

When a car is shown with one wheel on the side walk, below the P on the sign for permitted parking, it permits side-walk parking of vehicles of no more than 2.8 t.

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