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Traffic Code Vocabulary

And Nationality Designators

The traffic codes require adequate familiarity with a country's language to understand the signs. There are sign additions (Zusatzzeichen, panneau supplémentaire, señal suplementario). That is rectangular plates printed black on white. For example, the "parking prohibited" sign may have an addition stating the pertinent times. Some frequently seen words are tabulated in four languages below.

Short Zusatzzeichen Dictionary

    Deutsch Français Español English
    frei exempté excepto Admitted, free
    Zone zone zona Zone
    nur sauf solamente Only
    Richtung X direction à X dirección a X Direction to X
    zeitliche Beschränkung limité à limitación a Limited to
    werktags en semaine los dias laborables Weekdays
    Mo, Di, Fr lu,ma,ve lu,ma,vi Mo,Tu,Fr
    Mi, Do me,je mi,ju We,Th
    Sa, So sa,di sá,do Sa,So
    wochenends week-end fin de semana Weekends
    Splitt, Rollsplitt gravillons gravilla Loose gravel
    Linienverkehr ligne d'autobus coches de linea Bus service
    Einsatzfahrzeuge véhicules au secours coches de urgencia Emergency vehicles
    Krankenfahrzeuge ambulances ambulatorios Ambulances
    Ölspur trace d'huile rodada de petróleo Oil track
    Länge longueur largo Length
    landwirtschaftlicher Verkehr circulation agricole tráfico agrícola Agricultural vehicles
    hier bei Rot halten s'arrêter ici au rouge pararse aquí a rojo Stop here on red

Important also is the supplementary sign:

pace rate (of speed) = Schritt (fahren) = (rouler) au pas = (conducir) en paso = (andare) al passo - deutsch, français, español, italiano - where the pace has been interpreted by the courts as 5 to 7 km/h.
Note, the penalty for failure to comply may seem here particularly stiff. See also Signs with special significance to safety

    Some Traffic Related Vocabulary

    Deutsch Français Español English
    Fahrstreifen voie calzada Traffic lane
    Ausfahrt sortie salida Exit
    Autobahn-Kreuz carrefour (croisement) d'autoroutes cruce de autopistas Freeway interchange
    strafbar sous peine de justice punible Punishable
    verboten interdiction prohibición Prohibited
    erlaubt permi permitido Permitted
    Vorfahrtsstraße rue (route) à priorité,
    voie à grande circulation
    calle (carreta) con preferencia Priority street (road)
    Nebenstraße rue latérale calle lateral Side street
    Vorfahrt priorité de passage prioridad Right of way
    Vorfahrt beachten! céder la priorité ceda el paso Yield the right of way!
    Umleitung détournement desviación Detour
    Kfz, Auto véhicule auto coche Vehicle
    Pkw, Personenwagen véhicule de tourisme turismo Passenger car
    Lkw, Lastwagen camion camión Truck
    weit rechts fahren! serrer à l'extrème droit circular por la extrema derecha Drive on the far right
    Mautstelle station à péage estación de peaje Toll station
    Mautstraße autoroute à péage carretera de peaje Toll road

Nationality Designators

(shown below each flag)

Also used in these pages are: J = Japan, TR=Turkey, IS=Iceland, CS=Chechia

Be sure your car has a nationality-designator decal when going abroad. Else you might get ordered back to the border, display of the nationality designator being required by law, outside the country of registry.

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