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Information Disclaimer: This is an unofficial collection of European road sign conventions and rules.Whereas every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, there may be errors and omissions.The entire risk as to results and performance of the information rests with its user.

Signs With Special Significance to Safety

The following signs, though covered elsewhere in these pages, are repeated here as a group. Typically, the signs and their supplements (Zusatzzeichen) are posted in areas under electronic survaillance. Never should any of them be missed! Fines for violation are stiff.

SignDefinition of sign and supplement
1 aDanger! Blocking up of traffic likely in this area.
1 bDanger! Winter sports activity shares traffic lanes.
1 cDanger! Children may play in the street. Roller skating permitted.
2 No vehicular entry! Children permitted to play in the street.
3 Danger! Vicinity of school, kindergarten, or playground. Children are likely to run into traffic lanes.
4a, 4bCalm traffic area, and its cancellation! Pedestrians, particularly children, have right of way and can use the entire street. Vehicular traffic is limited to a pace rate of speed (i.e. 4...7 km/h). Parking is prohibited, except where so designated.
5 This sign may be turned on electronically, when traffic is blocking up. Typically, it is a lit overhead sign, or at the road side of expressways, such as an autobahn. Otherwise, same as 1 a.
6a, 6b30 km/h speed limit zone, and its cancellation sign. Note, sometimes the supplement "Zone" is omitted.

Supplement, attached to a speed limit sign, commanding this speed strictly not to be exceeded under wet pavement conditions: bei Nässe = quand mouillé = cuando mojado = quando bagnato = when wet.

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