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Dutch Internet Television

Dutch Internet Television and Online Video
Welcome to our online television pages, featuring a listing of internet TV streams and online video feeds to help you practice your understanding of foreign languages and become fluent in the culture and news of other lands.

Note: These stations require the Real Audio player, the Windows Media Player, and the Apple Quicktime player. If you don't have these already installed, all of these have free installations that can be found at the links above. Links with the (indirect) designation won't stream directly from this page, but send the user to the radio site's web page, which feature their own interfaces to play the radio station; these usually require ActiveX controls to be turned on in Internet Explorer.

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Dutch Internet Television
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Dutch Internet Television

Those who are learning a new language need ways to exercise the hearing and comprehension of speech, and if they don't actually live in a country or area where the language is spoken, these sources are in short supply. For the absolute beginner, there are audio recordings and foreign videos and DVDs with which we can follow along and practice our understanding of speech, stopping and starting them to catch phrases that eluded us or focus in on nuances of pronunciation. But for those further along, what is needed is something more like an actual conversation - speech taking place in real time that is continually new, that conveys information that we are interested in. Fortunately, with the advent of the internet, there are now many foreign online television stations, and so we have provided a listing of online TV streams featuring television shows, television news, and music TV in the native language to practice your understanding of foreign languages.

The Netherlands

Station City Format Link
AVRO Dier en Natuur TV Internet Live TV/Nature 291 Kbps | WinMedia
AVRO Museum TV Internet Live TV 128 Kbps | WinMedia
Consumenten TV Internet Live TV 491 Kbps | WinMedia
Graafschap TV Oost Gelderland Live TV 457 Kbps | WinMedia
Limburg TV Sittard Live TV/News 539 Kbps | WinMedia
NOS Journal 24 Hilversum Live TV/News 791 Kbps | WinMedia
Omroep Zeeland TV Oost-Souburg Live TV 490 Kbps | WinMedia
RNN 7 Rotterdam Live TV 320 Kbps | WinMedia
RTLZ TV Holland Live TV 796 Kbps | WinMedia
RTV Channel Dordrecht Live TV Ch 1:  437 Kbps | WinMedia
Ch 2:  298K Kbps | WinMedia
TMF TV Internet Live TV/Music 337 Kbps | WinMedia
TV Gelderland Gelderland Live TV 291 Kbps | WinMedia
TV Oost Hengelo Live TV 523 Kbps | WinMedia
TV West Internet Live TV 539 Kbps | WinMedia
VARA Verzoekkanaal Internet Live TV 491 Kbps | WinMedia
Verzoekkanaal Internet Live TV 475 Kbps | WinMedia
VPRO Geschiedenis Internet Live TV 791 Kbps | WinMedia
VPRO Hollanddoc TV Holland Live TV/Documentary 491 Kbps | WinMedia

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