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travlang was founded by Dr. Michael C. Martin in 1995 after the explosive growth of his Foreign Languages for Travelers WWW pages became too much for his university's server to handle. Like so many areas of the internet, what started out as a hobby has turned into a growing business.

Travlang.comc, formerly a subsiduary of iiGroup, Inc. (OTCBB:IIGR) announced March 7 that its Board of Directors has approved the changing of the Company's name to Travlang, Inc., The name change reflects the Company's decision to focus on Travlang.com, the Company's wholly owned subsidiary.

Travlang.com is a publicly traded Internet Company(OTCBB:TRVL)

travlang is committed to providing a variety of useful tools for the travelers, students and other interested individuals interested in learning a foreign language. We also provide the user with links to some of the best places on the net already providing some related services. If you have or know of a site we should see, please let us know via our comments form, by e-mail. You can read our Press Releases on-line.

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Travlang, Inc.,
a publicly traded Internet Company on the OTC Bulletin Board, Symbol:TRVL