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International Visa Services

So! Your bags are packed. You have your clothes for your trip laid out with two forms of photo ID tucked safely away. You have your e-ticket confirmation printed out. And last but not least, you have... your visa. Somewhere on its way in Overnight Express mail coming from the Consulate, hopefully finding its way into your hands before you have to leave for the airport. Of course, it wasn't until after you had been through the entire process that you realized you had the option of obtaining your visa with a lot less hassle. is the leading online passport and visa services company assisting retail and corporate clients in the United States and Canada. They take the latest in electronic travel management and pair it with their strategic location on Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. and cut down the number of times that your paperwork and documents change hands. This reduces the length of time it takes for you to get your visa and ultimately making your travels smoother and more enjoyable.

When working with a Consulate to obtain your visa, you might have to go to the actual Consulate's Office. All too often, this is either incredibly inconvenient, expensive, or both. In the unlikely event that you live close enough to the Consulate to go and handle things in person, you are likely to run into long lines because everyone else in the visa office is doing the same thing --- in person.

If you happen to have a Consulate that does not require you to be present at the time of your application, then you could call them. Many Consulates do have phone hours where you can call them and set up an appointment however these hours are often short and unavailable because they fill up so quickly.

A majority of Consulates now have a website to offer as a resource, but not all of them. And the Consulates that do have websites are not necessarily always up to date. has the latest and greatest in cutting-edge web technology that is current, resourceful and easy to use. is also unique in that is has a complete database of every single country's specifics of what they require for different types of visas and the durations that those visas are allowed. also makes themselves available to their customer. The website is available online 24/7 with a Live Chat feature, or you can email them and get a prompt reply back from a real person. You also have the option of calling them and speaking to a live certified employee dedicated to making your travels as easy as possible in case you hit a snag.

Another benefit of using is that if you find yourself in a situation where you need multiple visas while travelling, you can send all of your documents to as opposed to sending different documents to multiple Consulates all over the world, saving you time and money, and enabling you to track the progress of each through one company. can save you time, money and improve the overall experience of your travel. The next time you require a visa to travel, do your homework!

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