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Music Formats: World Music/East Asian

Foreign Language Internet Radio - Music Formats:
  World Music/East Asian

Welcome to our online radio pages, featuring a listing of online news radio, talk, information programs, and music programs featuring music in the native language to practice your understanding of foreign languages.

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World Music/East Asian

Station City Format Link
BBC Asian Network London, UK Asian Pop/News/Sports 48 Kbps | WinMedia Seoul, South Korea Asian/Pop 128 Kbps | MP3
DreamCast Internet/Korea East Asian Pop 128 Kbps | MP3
Japan A Radio Internet/Japanese Japanese AC 24 Kbps | 96 Kbps | MP3
24 Kbps | 48 Kbps | aac Plus
JoyOn Seoul, South Korea Korean AC 128 Kbps | MP3
Kawaii-Radio Scottsdale AZ Anime Music/Japanese Pop 128 Kbps | MP3
25 Kbps | aac Plus
Miyamay Internet/Chinese Chinese Pop 56 Kbps | MP3
Multi Cultural Radio 530 AM Toronto, Canada Asian/European 16 Kbps | WinMedia
My Radio 94.4 FM Surabaya, Indonesia Indonesian Pop 20 Kbps | WinMedia
Mythcast Internet/Korean Korean Pop 128 Kbps | MP3
Radio Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand (English language) Thai Pop/American Pop/News 24 Kbps | MP3
Radio Malaysia Melaka 102.3 FM Internet/Malaysia Malaysian 20 Kbps | WinMedia
Radio Nozomi Internet/French Japanese Rock 128 Kbps | MP3
RTM Radio 1 98.3 FM Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia Malaysian Pop 16 Kbps | WinMedia
Tokyo FM Tokyo, Japan Japanese Pop/News 128 Kbps | MP3
TV 5 Ulan Batar, Mongolia Mongolian 24 Kbps | MP3
UFM 100.3 FM Singapore Chinese Pop 20 Kbps | WinMedia
VOV2 Hanoi, Vietnam Vietnamese 32 Kbps | WinMedia
VOV3 Hanoi, Vietnam Vietnamese 40 Kbps | WinMedia
VOV6 Hanoi, Vietnam French/Vietnamese 20 Kbps | WinMedia


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