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Metric Conversion Calculator
Inches to MillimetresMmillimetres to InchesYards to MetersMeters to Yards
Miles to KilometersKilometers to MilesAcres to HectarsHectares to Acres
Ounces to GramsGrams to OuncesPounds to KilogramsKilograms to Pounds
Stones to KilogramsKilograms to StonesUK Gallons to LitersLiters to UK Gallons
US Gallons to LitersLiters to US Gallons° Fahrenheit to Celsius° Celcsius to Farhenheit
Horsepower to WattsWatts to HorsepowerCalories to Joules or KilojoulesJoules or Kilojoules to Calories

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