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The Best Casino Resorts in Canada

Between Canada's liberal attitudes towards gambling and its many, many stunningly beautiful sites, it's the perfect country for a gaming fan to holiday in – whether you're a Canadian local or not. Of course, considering the country's often less than ideal climate, it probably is to your benefit to know exactly where and when to go to any of Canada's many world-class casino resorts but, this particular limitation aside, holidaymakers with an itch for hitting the slots or tables are spoiled for choice.

While it's easy enough to play your favourite casino games anywhere in the country, through Canada's many standalone casinos or even play some literally anywhere you find yourself, there really is something to be said for making a full on holiday out of a stay at a casino resort. It's especially useful when you're traveling with your entire family and you're the only one interested in or allowed entrance into a casino.

Most of these resorts have a plethora of options for those looking simply for a but they also offer plenty of other activities, both for your significant other and your kids. Deciding on the best resort, though, can be a bit of a challenge so here, then, are three of the very best, spread out throughout the country; all offering the very best in both gambling and holidaying.

Casino Rama

For those looking for a resort that's both near one of Canada's major cities and just a few miles away from one of its Great Lakes, Casino Rama is the perfect choice. Located just north of and just a short walk to Lake Simcoe, Casino Rama is known for hosting some of Canada's biggest entertainment acts, as well as a number of major international players. The resort itself is large and feature packed with over 300 luxury suites, a spa, plenty of fine dining options and shopping with its entertainment venues being particularly highly regarded. The casino is no slouch either, with its multitudes of options for all sorts of gamers.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

For the most serious gamers, though,, which overlooks the mighty from both the casino and all individual suites, is the place to go. It's a fully featured resort with some truly majestic views and all the trimmings and features you could want from a quality resort but what is surely most of interest to gamers is its massive casino. It offers some 3000 slot machines and 130 table games in its 200 000 square feet! You would have to go very far indeed to find a casino that expansive.

River Rock Casino Resort

River Rock is the only 4-star resort in Western Canada and it earns every one of those four stars with aplomb. Being located in Richmond, British Columbia, it features some gorgeous views – which is why it's a go-to-site for weddings – and if fully equipped to allow you to have a spectacular holiday even in the midst of winter by offering plenty of terrific indoor activities like indoor pools, a luxurious spa, plenty of fine dining and entertainment options and, of course, it’s fully stocked casino with over 1000 slots, VIP rooms, poker rooms and plenty of on-floor table games too. Plus, it being in British Columbia means that you won't need a translation dictionary like to get around.

And, amazingly, there are only three of the very best casino resorts in Canada. There are plenty more that are very almost as good.

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