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SPRACHDIREKT – High-quality language journeys for students and adults
Learn languages while being on vacation!

Need to freshen up your Spanish, French, Italian or even your English? Or perhaps you would like to learn a foreign language from scratch?

Well, perhaps the answer lies in a language vacation! Language travel is fast becoming a popular way to fully immerse oneself into the language and culture of a foreign country. Sprachdirekt not only offers great vacations they also provide an ideal opportunity to learn another language where it is natively spoken.

Learn Spanish in Spain, Costa Rica or Mexico. Improve your French in France or learn Italian in Italy. For those of you who are non-native English speakers our other highly accredited language schools located in the US, England, Malta, South Africa and Ireland offer a wide range of general and specialized courses from complete beginner to advanced.

We are constantly looking to improve our service offering and are constantly on the lookout out for the best language schools around the world. If you have any other special requests then do let us know!

Sprachdirekt was founded in 2003 and have become a leading provider of international language journeys. We maintain a close working relationship with all our partner language schools, which enable us to keep our prices low and maintain a high level service. As our customer feedback shows, we aim to exceed expectations and achieve the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on detailed consultancy with a smile before during and after every language journey.

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