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Platiquemos Spanish Quiz 1


Platiquemos Spanish Quiz 1
Eight levels of Platiquemos are available to lead you to mastery of Spanish. Once completed you will be able to understand spoken and written Spanish; it will also allow you to actively engage in conversations with an abundant vocabulary of several thousand words. If you are uncertain as to which level you should start with, try the quiz below!

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Platiquemos Spanish Quiz 1

This is an informal quiz to help you determine how well you've mastered the material in Platiquemos Level I. After you've selected your answers, click the "submit answers" button. A window will pop up which will show whether your answers are correct or incorrect. For incorrect answers, the correct answer will be given, and the number of the Platiquemos unit that addresses this issue will be indicated. ¡Buena suerte!

1. "Buenos días" means:

   Good God!


   Good Day

   Good Morning

2. ¿Dónde _____ el hotel?





3. Eso es ___ libro.





4. Translate: "Give us that."

   Dénos esto.

   Déme eso.

   Dénos eso.

   Déle eso.

5. Aquí hay ___ hotel bueno.





6. "Somos americanos" means:

   We are Americans.

   They are Americans.

   I am American.

   She is American.

7. Hay _______ cosas ahora.





8. Y usted, ¿de dónde ____?





9. Yo no _________ permiso.





10. Aquí _____ unos libros.





11. Ellos siempre ______ postre.





12. "Estos apartamentos son baratos" means:

   Those apartments are inexpensive.

   These apartments are inexpensive.

   The apartments are inexpensive.

   These apartments are expensive.

13. Pablo y yo _______ lejos de aquí.





14. La llave ___ cuarto.


   de la


   de el

15. Pablo y Juan ______ mucho.

   ha trabajado

   hemos trabajado

   han trabajado

   has trabajado

16. "Estos libros son nuestros" means:

   These are our books.

   These books are ours.

   Those books are ours.

   These books are mine.

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