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Information Disclaimer: This is an unofficial collection of European road sign conventions and rules. Whereas every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, there may be errors and omissions. The entire risk as to results and performance of the information rests with its user.

Miscellaneous Signs of Great Importance
Re.: One Way Street:    

The left sign is posted at the permitted entrances, and the right sign the same as in the USA.

Sign A faces parallel with the traffic, similarly as in the USA, saying the equivalent of "One Way" (Einbahnstraße, sens unique, dirección única, senso ùnico); whereas sign B is placed where a one-way street ends and two-way traffic begins.

Re. Mandatory directions:    
mandatory right turn ahead turn right here only straight ahead pass by here on the right

The sign "pass by here on the right" (or left) is usually posted as a safety measure at traffic islands, usually close to pavement level (~ 1 m). It is to take care of the traffic hazard an unmarked traffic island tends to present.

Re. Speed:       The meanings (left to right):

Re. "no passing", and general cancellation:
The pair of signs on the left commands "no passing," and cancellation of no passing.

The general cancellation sign (i.e. third sign) marks the end of all local prohibitions imposed on moving traffic.

Re. Prohibitory signs in general:    These are two examples.
All prohibitory signs are designed with the conspicuous red circle.

Examples are the signs for speed limit and no passing.

The empty red circle (on the left) prohibits vehicular access of any kind.

The sign on the right is to prohibit access to any vehicle with four wheels.

The right
sign is typical for several signs with a red circle enclosing, for example, a truck, a car with trailer, a bus, a number, say, x (meaning to keep a distance of at least x metre to the vehicle in front). A weight (e.g. 5,5 t) means no entry for vehicles weighing at least that much. Note,  1 t = 1 000 kg.
Re. Informatory signs:

The sign on the left denotes dead-end street (cul-de-sac)
The sign in the middle is to announce the Autobahn exit to Mainz and Wiesbaden,
and the sign on the right is posted at this exit (Ausfahrt).

Note, informatory signs on the German and Austrian Autobahn are white on blue, on the Swiss Autobahn white on green, etc.

Note there is a deceleration lane, to be used by all Autobahn exiting traffic.

Re. Warning signs:    , note also

There being many warning signs, we actually show only these six and refer to the table below, where expanations are given. Note the permissive type of sign on the far right. It gives pedestrians the priority right to cross at the zebra-stiped pedestrian crossing, complementary to the sign e warning of the pedestrian crossing ahead.

Caution when sign d is encountered: slow down (new speed usually posted) and look for the yellow (orange) markings on the pavement; and, do not drive by the side of a truck!

Warning signs (all are triangles, the above type)
aOpposing vertical arrowsTwo-way traffic
bExclamation markDanger ahead
cDescent left-to-right 10%Down-grade at the rate indicated
ascent left-to-right ____%Up-grade at the rate indicated
dMan workingRoad work
eMan crossing zebra stripesPedestrian crossing
fAndreas crossRoad crossing ( vehicle from right has right of way)
Curve symbolCurve ahead in the sense shown
S-curve symbolDouble-curve in sequence (left versus right) shown
Three cars in a rowTraffic congestion likely
Cliff, water, and a car in flightShore line
Two childrenWatch for children!
BicyclistBicycle crossing ahead
Traffic lightTraffic light ahead
CowWatch for animals!
Jumping deerGame crossing ahead
Fence (really a RR barriere)Railroad crossing with barrieres
LocomotiveUnprotected railroad crossing
AircraftAir traffic
Tinsel cross (snow flake)Unexpected ice possible
Car swervingDirt on road, or slippery when wet
Vertical bars jogging toward ea.o.One of 2 opposing lanes narrow
Rocks fall off cliffWatch for rocks fallen on road
WindhoseWatch for cross-winds

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