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Information Disclaimer: This is an unofficial collection of European road sign conventions and rules. Whereas every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, there may be errors and omissions. The entire risk as to results and performance of the information rests with its user.

Other European Signs

Following is a listing of traffic signs deviating from those of D. That is signs in legal use in the countries indicated in the two lists below. The signs are shown in two groups. That is regulating signs, and warning signs.

In addition, there are the informatory signs of rectangular shape, printed white on a blue background. Most of them would seem self explanatory, excpt for the following.

M marks a road siding, in IS, N, and S.

An inversed T marks a cul de sac street, in A, and CH.

T marks a taxi stand in E.

A dotted line to the right of, and parallel with, a vertical line marks a slow lane (Kriechspur) in CH, I, and RO, the dots being actually little arrows or triangles.

Regulating Signs

Warning Signs

    No Function Countries
    9 Junction CH,F,GR,J,L,N,S,TR
    10 Curves B,GB,IRL,SF
    11 Roundabout A,DK,E,IS,L,N,PL,RO,S,SF,TR
    12 Double lanes merge GB,IRL
    13 Crossing of two opposing traffic lanes! GB,IRL
    14 Left turn permitted on green BG
    15 End of passing zone (Fin de l'interdiction de dépasser) F

    The above signs 14 and 15 are regulatory signs as well.

    Note: there are several more signs. Their meaning should be self explanatory.
    Shown on the right are some examples from GB and IRL. These are
    16 = "keep left" (IRL); 17 = "diversion" (GB); 18 = main route confirmation (GB); 19 = same (IRL).

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