How to link to a specific language page

If you have a www page and would like to make a link to a specific one of travlang's languages pages, you can do one of the following.

  1. Make a small form (just one button and the rest are hidden fields) which will call the languages script such that it will generate the page you want.

    For example, this button:

    will take you to the Portuguese for Travelers page and assumes that you already speak English.

    The button was produced by the following HTML code:

    <FORM ACTION="">
    <input type=hidden name=lang1 value=english>
    <input type=hidden name=lang2 value=portuguese>
    <input type=hidden name=page value="main">
    <input type=submit value="Portugu&ecirc;s for Travelers">
  2. Or you can also make "regular" link such as: Spanish for Travelers; the coding for this is:
    <A HREF="">Spanish for Travelers</a>
  3. Finally, if you want to link to the English->some language page, we have set up special links like: Arabic for Travelers; the coding for this is:
    <A HREF="">Arabic for Travelers</a>

Always use the lowercase English name for the languages in the lang1 and lang2 values, as that is how they are indexed in my script (for example use finnish, and not suomea).

And if you would like to use a banner, we have:

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You may download this image and link it to:

Let us know if you have problems ... via our Comments Form or by e-mail.

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