Awards and Publicity
travlang and Foreign Languages for Travelers

travlang's web site has received quite a number of awards and other publicity. We are quite proud of the response to our pages and list some of the notable publicity we have received below. THANK YOU! And we hope that you continue to enjoy travlang!
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Yahoo!'s What's Cool
We are proud to have been selected as a Cool Site by Yahoo! See their Regional Cool Sites section.

Our FLfT pages were featured on ZDTV's The Money Machine television show and web site.
Snap! Online Best
Many of our features have been awarded Snap! Online Best of the Web Winners! See their Review of travlang, Review of our Translating Dictionaries, and Review of our International Road Signs and Conventions pages! Thanks, Snap! Online!
Webby Nomination!

travlang was nominated for a Webby Award for best travel site in 1997! We're honored and we enjoyed the party!
GNN's Best of the Net 1995 winner!
This page is the WINNER for the Amateur Travel Site category in GNN's 1995 Best of the Net!
"This is a superb site for anyone interested in learning a few phrases before departing on their next trip abroad."
c|net travlang is featured in c|net's CyberTravel section. "If you've decided on an international destination, you'd best start practicing the language."
SF ExaminerSunday Jan 23, 2000 front page article "Not so stupid net tricks" includes "Learn how to order a beer in Spanish" about our iForeign Languages for Travelers pages.
Electronic Telegraph A nice article about travlang (we're their site of the week) appeared in London's Daily Telegraph on May 9, 1998! "THE Web site of Travlang, which is dedicated to helping travellers learn foreign languages, is a wonderful example of how the Internet can foster global fellowship."

Awarded 4 stars (highest rating) by the Review in the Magellan Internet Directory.
Awarded 4 stars (the highest rating, "a must see site") by Excite Reviews.
Excite Tour We're a stop on the ExciteSeeing Tours!
POV Magazine
Top 100 sites of 1997!
travlang has been selected as one of P.O.V. Magazine's Top 100 sites for 1997! Thanks! The story is in their November 1997 issue.
Select Site FLfT and our Translating Dictionaries are featured as a Webcrawler Select Site! They have written a nice review of FLfT and a nice review of travlang's Translating Dictionaries.
Select Surf
Our FLfT pages are a "best" site in the Travel Channel at Select Surf!
Conde Nast Traveller
We have been selected as a Condé Nast Traveller Recommended Site! Thanks!
NY Times Navigator We're part of the New York Times Navigator list of web sites, in their Reference section.

Listed as in the top 5% of the web by the Review in the Point Internet Directory.
Yahoo Internet LifeFLfT was selected as an Increadibly Useful Site by Yahoo! Internet Life's September 1996 issue.
AND our FLtT pages were given four stars by YIL in their Review from September 1997.
Starting Point
We have been chosen to be listed in the Travel and Reference Sections of Starting Point. "What a deal! FREE foreign language lessons for travelers right here!"
Net Guide Gold Site
travlang has been selected as a NetGuide Gold site! They have Reviewed several of our web pages. "a great spot for the globetrotter"
Yahoo Deutschland> We're a Cool Site on Yahoo! Deutschland "Ihre Web-Site ist cool."
Yahoo Japan
We're a Cool Site on Yahoo! Japan for Kids!
The Sunday Times London's Sunday Times Travel Section has a very nice article about travlang's Currency Exchange Rates and the travlang site in general. Sunday Dec. 14, 1997. "The reason travlang prevails is that currency conversion is only one of dozens of free services it offers to travellers, and to those learning a foreign language (hence the name)."
HomePC Top 500
We've been selected as one of
HomePC's top 500 Sites, listed in their Dec. 1996 issue.
Top 100
FLfT has been selected as one of Your Personal Net's Top 100 Web Sites of 1996! "Learn to speak in tongues"
NY CyberTimes travlang was featured in an article in the New York Times CyberTimes on July 26, 1997 entitled "Learning Language the Interactive Way", by Sandeep Junnarkar.
"... its most notable feature is that it's designed to be used by anyone who speaks one of the 50 languages on the site to learn any of the other languages available."
Los Angeles
Times Featured in the Los Angeles Times article "Electronic Explorer; Learning the Lingo on the 'Net" by Laura Bly. Sunday Aug. 11, 1996, Travel section, page L-17. Also syndicated nationally.
And featured on March 30, 1997 in "Road Maps to the Information Highway", by Laura Bly, Los Angeles Times Special Report.
AND, we are featured as an LA Times Pick on July 9, 1997.

FLfT is one of the Mining Company's Business Travel Best of the Net! And we are one of their Southern Germany for Visitors Best of the Net! "Learn a few phrases and impress your foreign client. "
Hachette Net JuniorWe are listed as top sites on Hachette Net Junior's listings for French kids! Read their Review of FLfT, as well as their Review of our Translating Dictionaries. Both are in their top 20 for Languages and Globe-Trotting sections. Merci!

Our FLfT pages have been selected as part of Heritage Newspapers's The News-Herald's Cool Links (under the Travel category)!

Greater Hampton Roads has selected us to be their Non-Regional Site of the Week for Sept. 15-21 1997. Thanks!
"This is a great place to learn the basics of a foreign language prior to traveling."

Selección de las mejores webs hispanas.
FLfT was Planet Internet Belgium's Site van de Dag for July 25, 1997!
We are a "Top 5 Site" on Suite 101!
Blue Book
We are featured in the Brazilian web magazine Blue Book!
We are a 2 Hot 2 Handle site at The CyberMom Dot Com! Thanks!

Our site was featured as the Highlight of the week for Jun. 30 - Jul. 6, 1997 in the Venice Italy Index!

We have been Reviewed in WebScout's Index of the Net's coolest sites! "This web site is an excellent foreign language resource center."

travlang and our FLfT pages were listed in MC&A's Internet Crib Sheet for June 1997!
"If you are going somewhere other than the good ol' USofA, then take a look at this site and learn some words/phrases to get you through your trip. It's fun to do with your kids too. "

Third Age Essential Site travlang is featured in Third Age's Essential Web Guide with a nice Review.
We are featured in Third Age's 701 Special Sites under the Travel category.
EZ Connect
Best of The Net
Selected as an EZ Connect Best of The Net site. We're listed under Travel Tips & Advice.
Accent Software / Byte Magazine Best Global
Site Winner!
FLfT is a runner up Best Global Site selected by Accent Software and Byte Magazine. Thanks!
US News FLfT is chosen as a US News Student Travel Site. "Before you head off on your world tour, stop in here to learn useful words and phrases in almost three dozen languages."
Iway 500

6th best (out of 25) in the Iway 500 top web sites, Consumer/Personal Resources category.
"The kind of site you'll show friends to get them on the Net."
Internet 1996 World
Exposition Pavilion

We are proud to be the Languages of the World pavilion in the World Cultures Pavilion of the Internet 1996 Worlds Exposition. It's also listed in the U.S. Pavilions.
The WEB Magazine
Our FLfT pages have been reviewd as one of The WEB Magazine's HOT 5 sites in their Jan. 1997 issue. And we're featured in their Travel section of the Mar. 1997 issue too!
PC Magazine's Top 100

FLfT has been selected as one of PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites in their Oct. 1996 issue. They have written a Nice Review of our web pages.

travlang's Translating Dictionaries have been awarded the Ranebow Award for a great "Science and Edutation" web page for May 1, 1997.

Europe's Coooool Site of the Day for April 9th, 1997!

UK Plus
UK Plus's Editor's Choice award!

travlang's Translating Dictionaries are featured as the #1 site in Chartnow's Internet Top 10 for the week of March 25, 1997. Thanks!
Kool Site
We've been awared Komputer Klinic's Kool Site Award for the week of Feb. 21, 1997 (it's also found in their travel Kool Sites).
Key to the Net
travlang's Translating Dictionaries have been presented with the Key to the Web Award for Feb. 20th, 1997.
Atevo has selected travlang as their FIRST Cool Travel Site of the Week for the Week of Feb. 17-24. "It is a true traveler's friend!"
travlang has been selected as an Editor's Choice site by Bonus.Com, the supersite for kids! Thanks!
We've been awarded the Yggdrasil Award of Excellence. "Foreign Languages for Travelers is very cool indeed."
BigBook Short List
We've been selected to be a part of the BigBook ShortList of useful web sites.
Dr. Faust Award
Our Internet Handbook of German Grammer has been awarded the Doktor Faustus Award for excellent German language web site. Thanks
Home PC Site of the Day
We're Home PC's Site of the Day for October 7, 1997! "Brush up on your basic phrases on the Web before making that next trip abroad. Foreign Language for Travelers makes it easy."
All StarOur site is part of the Russian All Stars Site.
We've been selected as part of the Best of the Internet by in Germany!
FLfT has been reviewed by the Family Friendly ZIA Resources. "A great site."
Kaplan Student Choice Award

Kaplan's Student Choice Award for best educational site for language help for international travel.
WWW Hall of Fame
FLfT has been selected for Program One's WWW Hall of Fame!

We are part of the Web@Work Association (under tools).
Citizen 1

Our site has been selected as a Citizen 1 Top Site!

travlang was selected to be a featured site in Virtuocity's Travel Tips section.
The Main Quad

FLfT was chosen to be part of the Dean's List as an outstanding resource for college students by The Main Quad.
Cool Pick of the Week
We've been selected as the Cool Site of the Week for Dec. 30 - Jan. 5, 1997! "A must visit."
Spunky Demon
Spunky Demon's Cool Site of the Day for Nov. 22, 1996.
TipWorld Site of the Day
TipWorld's Cool Site of the Day for Nov. 20, 1996! "This is *so* awesome. I learned to speak Swedish on my lunch break."
Super Site Award
InfoService's SUPER SITE Award.
Benny Blue Web Wow Award
Benny Blue Web Wow Award
Chicago Sun Times Pick Featured in the Chicago Sun Times as a Connected Pick of the Week for Oct. 31, 1996. "extremely helpful site".
Flying Dutchman AwardWe have been awarded the Flying Dutchman Award for excellent Dutch language service. (November 1996)
Wonderful World Women Featured in the Japanese Internet and Media Magazine Wonderful World Women, Volume 4 (August 1996).

France Pratique Selected to be part of La semaine de France Pratique for Wednesday August 21, 1996. "Si vous projetez de partir à l'étranger, TravLang vous sera extràmement utile."
PRN Award of Excellence Selected to be part of the PRN Radio Network's Daily Report for August 19, 1996.

Selected as an Andrew's Site of the Week for the week of Aug. 12.

PC Magazine Site of the Day
PC Magazine's choice for Site of the Day for Aug. 7, 1996.
Culture Choice

Selected as a Culture Choice by The Web of Culture. This designates Foreign Languages for Travelers as an online resource providing valuable cross-cultural information to the Internet community.
Eye On The Web's Eye Site

This is an Eye On The Web Selected Site. We're part of their Education Center - Language Resources section.

Featured on page 88 of the August 1996 issue of Pc World Magazine. See their Review of the FLfT pages.
Blue Web'n
Hot Site
Named Blue Web'n Hot Site of the Week and is in the Blue Web'n Learning Applications Library. "This is an honor reserved for the best instructional lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools on the Web."

Selected as a Blue Planet Cool Site for July 24, 1996.
Wise Owl Selected as the Wise Owl Site of the Month for July 1996 in recognition of exemplary design and educational excellence.

Part of the Cultures section of Houghton Mifflin Education Place.

Selected to be featured for the week of Apr. 29 - May 5, 1996 on SpyNet.

Newspaper Article: ``For Learning a language, try the Web" by Lori Hawkins, Austin American-Statesman, Saturday Apr. 13, Page D1.

the WEB Magazine
Selected as one of the WEB Magazine's top 50 sites for the April 1996 issue.

Cybertime's site of the week.

Say `Bon': Featured in "The Cyber Ace", Home PC Magazine, April 1, 1996, p. 218.

Featured in Rails Magazine of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railroads), April 1996 issue.

Named Månedens anbefaling (Recomendation of the Month) for April 1996 by Mimes Brønn, a Norwegian web-index for schools.

MacUser 101 sites

Selected as one of MacUser's 101 Must-See Sites, March 1996 cover feature.

Listed in the The CyberSkeptic's Guide to Internet Research, March 1996 issue.

Planet Science
New Scientist's Planet Science Magazine's Site of the Day for March 22, 1996 and we're part of their Hot Spots list.
"It's a pity there is no way to carry an internet terminal around with you wherever you go"
Marc's link of the day
Marc's Link of the Day, Jan. 3 1996.
Coolest Travel Site
Selected as The Coolest Travel Site of the Week for Dec. 13 1995.
Site of the Week

travlang was selected as Web Site of the Week by Duke-Net for the week of Dec. 3, 1995.
CompuServe Magazine's 21 Web Faves (Nov. '95 Cover Story)

Described in "Be Your Own Travel Agent", Computer Life Magazine, October 1995.
Click of the Week's Click of the Week for Sept 17-23 1995.

Spider's Goodies and Hot Links.

InfoQuest's A Free Launch

Gorski's Cool Site of the Day for May 4th 1995.

Listed in the Travelogue section of the Cyberguide of NetGuide, May 1, 1995.

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