Learn Spanish in Ibiza on a Budget

By Honey Wood


Learning a second language can really benefit a career and there are some great ways of making the whole process a more enjoyable experience all round. If you've been promising yourself a holiday, but need to stick to a budget, why not consider taking a break somewhere and learning another language at the same time? You can find some brilliant deals on holidays which leave you with enough spare cash to invest in your language course of choice (and there are plenty!).


Last October I decided I needed a break, a change and that I wanted to learn Spanish in the process. So on the spur of the moment I found a last minute all inclusive deal to Ibiza through Holiday Hypermarket for under £200, staying just outside Ibiza Town. Choosing all-inclusive holidays are great because it takes the strain out of having to find somewhere to stay and somewhere that offers worthwhile language courses. As a real bonus, the cost of the package did not eat into my already meagre bank balance. I chose Ibiza because I not only wanted to enrol in a language course to learn Spanish, but I also wanted to have some fun on my vacation and as everyone knows, it doesn't get much better than this superb vibrant holiday destination.


The night life in and around the town is brilliant, the location is perfect, and Ibiza as a whole is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which all helps when you're trying to get to grips with foreign language. The course itself was brilliant, leaving me enough time to practice my Spanish on people I met around town, on the beach, in bars and restaurants which was great. It really helps when you can test out what you've just learnt on a few locals and people who speak the language fluently because it means you remember new phrases that much better.


I would definitely recommend that anyone else who wants to get another language under their belts to further their careers do the same, especially if they only have limited funds. There's a great choice of all-inclusive deals which helps when it comes to choosing a great location that's got more to offer than just a great language course. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable. It's a lot more fun learning a language in a place where the people are known to be extremely friendly and where there's a heap of other things to see and do too. Having a holiday and being able to learn a new language without having to spend a fortune is a real buzz and one that I thoroughly enjoyed!