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Complete Language Solution for Windows
LingvoSoft Suites 2006 for Windows were designed to service the needs of the most demanding language learners, who expect to see the best of the cutting-edge LingvoSoft software tools in the form of a single solution. LingvoSoft Suites are a groundbreaking entity of three fully integrated linguistic applications: Talking PhraseBook, Talking Dictionary, and our unparalleled FlashCards.

Dictionary Software for Windows
Windows Dictionary software applications give you advanced linguistic solutions. We use the text to speech and speech recognition technologies to make our software fully suit your purposes. These products turn your desktop computer into effective and reliable tools for translation and foreign language learning.

Flash Cards for Windows
LingvoSoft FlashCards is a collection of four absorbing games that will help you memorize thousands of foreign words quickly and easily. Your language of choice can be studied using this handy application right on your desktop PC or on your laptop. Never be stuck at the airport or in a waiting room with nothing to do! Cease the opportunity to acquire a new language while you pass the time!

Phrase Books for Windows
Learning PhraseBooks for Windows are part of a unique suite of language learning applications for PC. They feature nearly 14,000 travel-related phrases and translate instantly in either direction between the languages you choose. Talking versions can even speak PhraseBook entries aloud using natural human voicing as recorded by native speakers. These remarkable resources have been developed expressly to assist anyone who would like to learn or improve a foreign language. Simply install it on your desktop or laptom computer to begin learning thousands of useful foreign phrases.

Full Text Translation Software for Windows
The Windows machine translation system is here to cut down on your work load! Use our Language Translation Software to translate paragraphs and even large documents. The Promt application will process documents in sheer seconds. Use our Full Text Translation Software to get coherent and readable texts.

Picture Dictionaries for Windows
Remarkably easy and fun to use! Picture Dictionaries make learning and communicating in another language as simple as pointing your finger. With their sophisticated use of full-color images, they let you translate thousands of words without any previous knowledge of a foreign language. Providing an instant translation, Picture Dictionaries make getting your message across more accurate and less time consuming than virtually any other method.

Dictionaries for Travelers for Windows
Travel software for Windows provides a fully-integrated suite of travel-related applications. Once installed on your PC they help you to quickly and effectively master a second language. State-of-the-art voice capabilities, practice exercises, and creative learning games are among useful study aids for beginners and advanced learners alike - allowing you to travel the world in comfort and style.

Software Collections for Windows
Designed to provide you with the full range and benefits of the exceptional Windows software titles available for a particular language, these software bundles offer great value for money. Comprehensive and robust, these combinations will allow you to increase efficiency and accomplish more - whether it be doing business, visiting a foreign city or learning a new language.

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