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You can use this form to search for a particular word or phrase to be translated into every language FLfT covers. For example, try Thank you, Happy Birthday, aeropuerto, or pivo. The searches are case-insensitive and you can enter a word in any language. You can use a * as a wildcard. Boolean searches are allowed. Accented and non-latin characters are currently not available for you to type in, but they will be shown in resultant words.

This utility will search every word of every language which can produce some seemingly bizzare results as well as the one you really want. This is not an on-line dictionary as it only includes words and phrases in the Foreign Languages for Travelers pages. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try travlang's Translating Dictionaries.

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We also have a couple of special translation lists: I love you! and Merry Christmas!.

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