Icelandic Pronunciation

Long Vowels
Vowels are long when followed by
  1. a single consonant
  2. the pairs pr, tr, kr, pj, tj, kj, pv, tv, & kv
a like a in father
e like ai in fair
i like i in big
o like aw in law
u like french eux in deux
ö like ur in urgent
Short Vowels
Vowels are short when followed by
  1. a double consonant
  2. consonant pairs other than the long pairs
a like a in land
e like e in bet
i like i in hit
o like o in knot
u like french eux in deux
ö like ur in murder
Accented Vowels
Accented vowels occur before the pairs ng and nk
or have an ´ mark over them.
a, á like ou in house
only as é like ye in yet
i, í like ee in seen
only as ó like ou in soul
u, ú like oo in soon
y, ý like ee in seen
ei, ey like ay in day
æ like i in mile

b, d, h, k, l,
m, n, t, v, x
Pronounced the same as in English
f 1) beginning of word like English f
2)middle of word like English v
3)before l & n like English b
g 1)beginning of word like English g in good
2)middle of word like English g in bargen
3)after a vowel and before i or y like English y
4)after á, ó, ú usually not pronounced
j like English y
ll like ttl in battle
nn 1)after á,í,ó,ý,æ,ei/ei like tn
2)everywhere else like English n
p 1)before k,s,tlike English f
2)everywhere else like English p
r trilled like Scotish and Irish r
rl like ttl in battle
rn like nn above
s like English s, never like English z
z like English z
hv like qu in quick
þ like th in thin
ð like th in that

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