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Srpski za putnike

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(English = Srpski)

Basic Words = Osnovne recxi
Numbers = Brojevi
Shopping/Dining = Kupovanje/Ishrana
Travel = Putovanje
Directions = Kretanje
Places = Mesta
Time and Dates = Vreme i datumi

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HTML 2.0 does not support some letters of the Serbian alphabet, so we will use the following conventions: Cy, cy = [C and c with
acute accents];     Cx, cx = [C and c with
caron (small v on top of letter)];     Dy, dy = [D and d with
a stroke (horrizontal line across vertical part of letter];     Sx, sx = [S and s with
caron];     Zx, zx = [Z and z with

Serbian is officially spoken in:
(Serbo-Croatian was spoken in Yugoslavia)
Another set of Serbian lessons is available at : Serbian Language It includes the Serbian alphabet and pronunciation. And there is a English-Serbian Dictionary available on the web too.

For more information about Serbia see Serbia.

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