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Polski dla Podróz.nika

Select a category of words and phrases:

(English = Polski)

Basic Words = Podstawowe Sl/owa
Numbers = Liczby
Shopping/Dining = Zakupy/Jedzenie
Travel = Podróz.owac'
Directions = Kierunki
Places = Miejsca
Time and Dates = Czas i Daty

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Here is a Polish Pronunciation Guide (in English), und Polnische Aussprache (auf Deutsch).
Several Polish letters cannot be easily viewed on the WWW. They will be represented by the ascii characters: a, an a with a tail curling to the right; e, an e with a tail; c' a c with acute accent; l/ an l with a diagonal slash through it; n' an n with an acute accent; s' an s with an acute accent; z' a z with an acute accent; and z. a z with a single dot over it.

For more information on the Polish language and Poland, see the Polish Home Page, GoPoland, and City.Net Poland.

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