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C^es^tina pro cestovatele

Select a category of words and phrases:

(English = C^es^tina)

Basic Words = Základní slovíc^ka
Numbers = C^ísla
Shopping/Dining = Nakupování/Jídlo
Travel = Cestování
Directions = Pokyny
Places = Místa
Time and Dates = Hodiny a kalendár^

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Czech Pronunciation Guide (in English only), and another guide to Czech Pronunciation (in English), und Tschechische Aussprache (auf Deutsch).

Czech has two accents which HTML cannot accomodate: when a letter is followed by a ^ (for example c^) it means there is an upsidedown caret on top of the letter (looks like a small v on top of the letter). And u* means a u with a small circle above it.

Another list of Czech phrases with sounds is in the Essential Czech page.

There is a Czech - English Dictionary available on the web:

Z anglictiny do cestiny / English to Czech translation
Z cestiny do anglictiny / Czech to English translation
Vloz slovo pro preklad / Insert the word to search for :

For more information about the Czech Republic, see the Czech Info Center, City.Net Czech Republic, and the Czech FAQ.

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