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Eurish for Travelers

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(Magyar = Eurish)

Fontos szavak = Verbi principa
Számok = Numari
Vásárlás / Étkezés = Coematu / Edatu
Utazás = Viadu
Útba igazítás = Directi
Helyek = Arei
Idöpontok és dátumok = Tempu y datu

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Also see our Quick Eurish Pronunciation Guide, and Quick Eurish Grammar Guide.

Eurish is developed from the language of the old Romans as a cultural bond for the inhabitants the new "Holy Roman Empire". Eurish is a beautiful and easily learnt language. Those who know some Latin, or speak a Romance language, will soon feel at home in this neo-Latin language, Latina Nova.

You can find more information about Eurish from Eurish - The pan-European Language (in German and English), and Eurixu, Eurisch, Eurish.

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