Afrikaans Pronunciation Guide

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a               kap (chop)              U in cUp
a(a)u           gemia(a)u (mewing)      OW in cOW
aa              daad (deed)             U in cUp but longer like AH
aai             draai (turn)            Y in whY
ae              dae                     U in dUst but longer like AH followed by article A
c               Calvinis (Calvinist)    K in Kitten
c               celsius (celsius)       S in Size
ch              Chemie (Chemistry)      guttural like CH in loCH
ch/sj           China/Sjina (China)     SH in SHot
d               bed (bed)               T in tarT
e               edel (noble)            EE in dEEr
ê               hê (have)               AI in hAIr
e               ken (to know/chin)      E in hEn
e               bevat (contain)         E in angEl
ee              een (one)               EE in dEEr
eë              leë (empty)             EA in FEAR (but as 2 sounds)
ië              skiër (skier)           EA in FEAR (but as 2 sounds)
eeu             leeu (lion)             EW in fEW
ei              bleik (bleach)          AY in plAY
eu              deur (door)             EE in dEEr, with lips pouted
eu              euforie (euphoria)      EW in fEW, but shorter
g               groot (big)             guttural like CH in loCH
gh              gholf (golf)            G in golf
i               sit (sit)               E in angEl
ie              dier (animal)           EE in brEEd
ie              siek (sick)             I in sIck
j               jammer (sorry)          Y in You
kn              knoop (button)          C in cat followed by N of No
ng              bang (afraid)           NG in siNG
o               bode (messenger)        OO in lOOt followed by rapid W with pouted lips
o               euforie (euphoria)      OO in lOOt but shorter
ô               môre (tommorow)         AU in cAUse
o               oggend (morning)        O in fOrt, but shorter
o               potjie (little pot)     OY in bOY
oe              voer (feed)             OO in lOOt
oe              voet (foot)             OO in lOOt, but shorter
oë              vermoë (ability)        OE in dOEr
oei             koei (cow)              OOEY in phOOEY but preceded by rapid W
oo              soom (seam)             OO in lOOt followed by rapid W with pouted lips
ooi             mooi (pretty/nice)      OI in OIl but slowe and preceded by a rapid W
ou              bout (bolt)             OA in cOAt
r               winter (winter)         R in veRy (lightly rolled)
r               rond (round)            R strongly rolled - almost Scots
tj              tjank (whine)           CK in CHunk
u               put (well/pit)          E in angEl but with lips pouted
u               u (you)                 I in sIck but with lips pouted
ui              lui (lazy)              AY in plAY but longer, with lips pouted
uie             beduie (tell the way)   AYE in plAYEr but longer, with lips pouted
uu              duur (expensive)        EE in brEEd but with lips pouted
v               vul (fill)              F in Fun
w               swem (swim)             W in sWeep
w               water (water)           V in visit
y               yster (iron)            AY in plAY

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