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ESL - the specialist in total-immersion language travel

the world opens itself up to you!

Do you want to learn Spanish in Spain, in Costa Rica or even in Chile?

Do you want to improve your French whilst enjoying the magic of language travel in Paris or Lyon or Montreux?

Do you want to learn French in France, German in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, or for those who are the most courageous, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Mandarin Chinese or Arabic?

ESL, the specialist in total-immersion language travel for all levels, from beginner to advanced, provides the extensive offer of 11 languages in 40 countries on the five continents. With more than ten years of experience, quality partner schools and internationally-reputed accreditations (ALTO, WYSETC, Swiss Q, Quality English)...the quality of ESL is built on strong foundations.

For guaranteed original prices and without any extra fees involved, you can opt for a wide array of courses.

Standard, intensive, one-to-one or combined (standard + one-to-one) courses are provided by competent and dynamic professionals.

Whatever the length of your stay, from 2 to 48 weeks, you will make progress in the language at the heart of its culture.

You can top it all off by passing an official exam or for an international experience, opt for combined courses with a work experience placement, some voluntary work or a paid job.

Whatever your expectations and needs, ESL – Language Studies Abroad assures you a personalised service which will definitely leave you satisfied.

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