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The following people were extremely helpful in making the Foreign Languages for Travelers pages, and making them such a success:
  • Tilo Wettig: For translating into German.
  • Laszlo Mihaly: For translating into Hungarian and making the Hungarian sound files.
  • Maurizio Morabito: For translating into Italian.
  • Rafael Humberto Scapin: For translating into Portuguese.
  • Adelardo Medeiros: For making the Portuguese sound files.
  • Vladimir Golovanov: For translating into Russian and making the Russian sound files.
  • Al Badowski: For translating into Polish.
  • Alfredo De Regil: For translating into Spanish.
  • Douglas Ladden: for making the Spanish sound files.
  • Omer Koker: For translating into Turkish and making the Turkish sound files.
  • Andrea Berman: For making the French sound files.
  • Dianne DaLee: for translating into Swedish, Icelandic, and Danish.
  • Hans Bjorkman: for making the Swedish sound files.
  • Miriam Darvas: for translating into Czech.
  • Eirik A. Oland: for translating into Norwegian.
  • Zan Kriegel: for translating into Romanian and aranging the Romanian sound files.
  • Rr. Setfan Sismanian: For making the Romanian sound files.
  • Maunu Hotakainen: for translating into Finnish.
  • Leopold Decloedt: for translating into Dutch.
  • Einar B. Thorsteinsson: for translating into Icelandic.
  • Aaron Irvine: for translating into Esperanto.
  • Thomas Gleichmann: for making the German sound files and the Swedish pronunciation guide.
  • Yuval Levy: for making the Italian sound files.
  • Robert Craig Harman: for translating into and correcting my French.
  • Jeroen Wollaars: for translating into Dutch and for making the Dutch sound files.
  • Jiri Baum: for translating into Czech.
  • Ender Ozcan: for translating into Turkish.
  • Erik Terkelsen: For translating into Danish.
  • Herman Ranes: For making the Norwegian sound files. (hear Herman Ranes)
  • Guillermo Castilla: For translating into Spanish.
  • Andrea Lawendel: For translating into Italian.
  • Timo Laitinen: For translating into Finnish.
  • Mika Apajalahti: For making the Finnish sound files.
  • Adam Halasz: For tranlating into Romanian.
  • Marc Lazarovici: For making Romanian sound files.
  • Adam Krysiewicz: For translating into Polish.
  • Ewa J. Pratt: For translating into Polish.
  • Right to Left Software: For translating into Hebrew and making the hebrew sound files.
  • Aaron Matthews: For translating into Latin, and to Ms. Phyllis Wright for teaching Aaron.
  • Dr. Mahmood Hassan: for traslating into Bangla.
  • Dr. Paulo de Sousa: for making the European Portuguese sound files.
  • Timothy Króll: For translating into Estonian and Hawaiian, and for making the Estonian, Czech and Hawaiian sound files, and making the Polish and Czech Pronunciation Guides in English and German.
  • Maja Matijasevic: for translating into Croatian.
  • Predrag Vasic: for translating into Serbian and making the Serbian sound files.
  • Andries Holtzhausen: for translating into Afrikaans.
  • Karsten Skyt Nielsen: for making some Danish sound files.
  • Marek Juzwiak: for making the Polish sound files.
  • Beata Szymborska: for making the Polish sound files.
  • Toshiaki: for translating into Japanese.
  • Helena Holy: for translating into Slovenian.
  • Daniel Faucher: for making French sound files.
  • Rikke Christensen: for making the Danish sound files.
  • Alok Tyagi for translating into Hindi and making the Hindi graphics.
  • Chris and Beth Sundita: for translating into Tagalog.
  • Chris Lee: For translating into Mandarin.
  • Mohebbian: For translating into Farsi.
  • Albert Cla: For translating into Catalan.
  • Nancy Reindl: For making the Spanish sound files.
  • Zenon Iwasykiw: For translating into Ukrainian and making the Ukrainian sound files.
  • Hussain Md. Sayeed: For making the Bengali sound files.
  • TÈ, Khái-sü: For translating into Tâi-oân Hö-ló-oë and making the Tâi-oân Hö-ló-oë sound files.
  • Jef and Peter from EuroPartners: For making the Tagalog sound files.
  • Janell Richison: For translating into Amharic and Ki-Swahili.
  • Mattay Botchev: For translating into Bulgarian and making the Bulgarian sound files.
  • Italo Profeti: For making the Italian sound files.
  • Errol Hunter: For making translating into Zulu.
  • Zeynep Gosterisli: For making some Turkish sound files.
  • Renata Drukteinyte: For translating into Lithuanian.
  • David Bianchini and James Rezende Piton: For making the Esperanto sound files.
  • Kyunghee and Jeannie Yoon: For translating into Korean and making the Korean character images.
  • Oihartzun eta Agirreurreta-tar Jon: For translating into Basque.
  • Radovan Garabík: For translating into Slovak, and writing the Slovak Pronunciation Guide.
  • Lucas Ony: For translating into Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Marketa Lanova: For making the Czech sound files.
  • Richard Khor: For translating into Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Khaled Salem: For translating into Arabic and for making the Arabic sound files.
  • Mohsen: For making the Arabic script graphics.
  • Intercontinental Linguistics: For translating into Azerbaijani and the Azerbaijani sound files.
  • Oscar Morgado: For translating into Galician.
  • Ian Oliver: For translating into Welsh.
  • Shlomo Lerman: For translating into Yiddish.
  • Miroslav Sedivy for making the Slovak sound files.
  • Viktor Götz: For making half of the Hungarian sound files.
  • Juan Garrido: For making some of the Spanish sound files.
  • Jako Olivier: For translating into Sesotho, and for making the Afrikaans and Sesotho Pronunciation Guides.
  • Eric R. Baber: For finishing up the German sound files.
  • Chun Chang: For making the Mandarin Chinese sound files.
  • GoGreece.com: For translating into Greek and making the Greek sound files.
  • Josep Ubach: For making the Catalan sound files.
  • Marina Concepcion Capote: For making the Russian Cyrrilic writings.
  • Jay Bowks and Emerson Josť Silveira da Costa: For providing the Interlingua translations and sound files.
  • Peter Neydavood: For translating into Farsi and making the Farsi sound files.
  • Matiás, OccitaNet: For translating into Occitan.
  • Vladimir Bashovski: For making the Bulgarian cyrillic images.
  • Nermina Hadziomerovic: For translating into Bosnian.
  • James Chandler: For translating into Ido and making the Ido sound files.
  • Keattisak Thiensiriyakanon: For translating into Thai.
  • Dalia Rudinskaite: For making the Lithuanian sound files.
  • Tom Fitzgerald: For translating into Irish and for making the Irish sound files.
  • Tung Cong: For translating into Vietnamese.
  • Ernest Aguilar: For completing the Spanish sound files.
  • Jessica Winailan: For making the Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia sound files.
  • Mika Laari: For making the Finnish travel section sound files.
  • Quynh-Nhu Camelia Vu: For making the Vietnamese sound files.
  • Dr. Duduzile Dludlu: For making the Zulu sound files.
  • Alan Garny: For making French sound files.
  • Dasha Marquet: For translating into Albanian and making the Albanian sound files.
  • Jesus Garcia-Alvarez: For translating into Asturian.
  • Sabelo Ndabazandile: For translating into Xhosa.
  • Haresh Bakshi: For translating into Gujarati.
  • Gary and Setrak Gebenlian: For translating into Armenian.
  • Esther Mauri: For translating into Marshallese.
  • Mikael Baudu: For translating into Breton and making the Breton sound files.
  • Joseph R. R. Haule: For making the Kiswahili sound files.
  • Björgvin Jósefsson: For making the Icelandic sound files.
  • Peter Podgorsxek: For making the Slovenian sound files.
  • SK: For making the Korean sound files.
  • Tharat Prawai: For making the Thai sound files.
  • Rusiko Amirejibi: For translating into Georgian.

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